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Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome Again!

Hi! Newcrets - Welcome again & really sorry.

Newdew Organisation has turned to "newdeworld-blog" on Blogger.
The previous blog was deleted! This new one is created.
It will be tried to developed this Blog as possible.


What God is ?

Well...Many People Believe in God (holy statues).
They MAY exist but how can we believe an Unusual thing??
Mean that There's No scientific Base.No approvals till now!
 However,If Anyone just wanna a Believe like this, then why Not Nature?
Nature-whom we can see,one that is Omnipresent,one who gave us Life,one who Help us........  
But here's the Real Meaning of God:
"God is one - whom we believe in"

It doesn't matter what it is.....It may be a Stone,Tree,Animal,Person(human being),Nature,etc.We can even say our Parents,our Inspiration's as our GOD!

We Trust Them & Our Belief in them rise our Internal Power.
And this Power is so Strong that We achieve what We want!!

Plant more trees to reduce your CARBON contribution!

This Article is Taken from Indian Notebook (classmate).
This Article is Regarding The Global Warming.  
This Article will lead to everyone's Surprise.Many of us may have Not Even thought About This!
"The Difference You Can Make."

Plant more trees to reduce your CARBON contribution!
1.A dripping tap wastes 13 liters of water in a single day.Therefore the wastage of water in a year = 13x365= 4745 liters of water.On an average a person who lets the tap run while brushing teeth wastes about 7 liters of water.
If 1.13 billion Indians (march 2008 population) change this habit,we would save 1.3 billion x 7 liters =  
7.91 billion liters of water,in just a day!
2.An air conditioner (2.5 tonne) used for an hour generates 3 kg of CO2.
 If you go without Air Conditioning for an hour a day,the release of 3x365= 1095 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere per year,can be prevented.  
3.When you use the geyser  for an hour generates 3.3 kg of CO2.
If you cut down the use of geyser by just one hour a day,you can stop the release of 3.3 x 365 = 1204.5 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere annually.
4.A microwave oven used for an hour generates 1.3 kg of CO2.If you eat food without using your microwave to heat it,just for one hour a week,you can stop the release of 1.3 x 52 (no. of week’s in a year) = 67.6 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.
5.One liter of petrol (octane) produces about 1 kg of water vapour & 2.17 kg of CO2.
Walking,carpooling or using public transport,will save at least two  liters of petrol a week.This will stop the release of 2.17x2 x 52 = 225.68 Kg of CO2 into  the atmosphere annually.
6.Compact fluorescent lamps or CFL’s use one-third the electricity used by regular bulb’s.
If every family in India replaces regular bulb’s with CFL’s,10,000 MW (unit of power equal to one million watt’s) of power could be saved.Energy used for daily need’s of electricity come’s from burning fuel’s. Using less  power means emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
7.The estimated population of India on march 2008 was 1.13 billion.If each person plants one tree in a lifetime we can eliminate 1.13 billion ton’s of CO2 from the atmosphere.One tree absorbs one ton of CO2 during it's lifetime.
Thanks for Reading this.....I Hope you will Follow IT.

Good Response

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We Are Earthen......

Today's World (People) is Discriminated into Religion,Caste,or Race............!
In the Same Way Our World is Discriminated in Countries.............
Many Wars are Fought........& Every One (appox.) want's His country To be The Top (First).Many want the Names of their Country To Be famous in the World,to take their Country To a High Position.
But This all Is False!
"I Don't Want to Do Anything for My Country,I want to do For the World."
Only The Man has Divided This Earth into Pieces..........Only He himself Divided the Earth into Countries & People into Religion,caste,etc.
But The Truth is that ,"We Live On The same Land & Are Made By the Same Land (Nature)." May the Soil be of Russia or May it Be of India..........But it is The Soil Of the Same Land (i.e.of Earth).
We Are Made Of Earth & Belong To It.So............"We Are Earthen."


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Only YOU Can Bring it out TRUE!
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