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Friday, July 9, 2010

What God is ?

Well...Many People Believe in God (holy statues).
They MAY exist but how can we believe an Unusual thing??
Mean that There's No scientific Base.No approvals till now!
 However,If Anyone just wanna a Believe like this, then why Not Nature?
Nature-whom we can see,one that is Omnipresent,one who gave us Life,one who Help us........  
But here's the Real Meaning of God:
"God is one - whom we believe in"

It doesn't matter what it is.....It may be a Stone,Tree,Animal,Person(human being),Nature,etc.We can even say our Parents,our Inspiration's as our GOD!

We Trust Them & Our Belief in them rise our Internal Power.
And this Power is so Strong that We achieve what We want!!

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