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Suffering is intolerable than sudden death,
Silly mistakes hurts big than bigger mistakes,
Darkness is greater than light,
Negativeness is easily attracted than positiveness,
Sorrow is greater than happiness,
You face adversity more than prosperity,
Difficulties are greater than solutions,
Answer is greater than question,
Words are larger than pronouncing it………
In the same way LIFE is such a GAME in which THE UNKNOWN pulls you to negative side and you just have to go to opposite of the unknown i.e. to the positive side.
                      When you will realize
That you have no suffering left leaving only one way to death,
That you make no silly mistakes leaving only real mistakes to realize,
That you are not in darkness but in the bright side,
That you have no negativeness & only positiveness around you,
That you have no sorrow and only happiness,
That you don’t face adversities anymore & have prosperity,
That you have no difficulties and have solutions ready.
When you will have at last a big question to which you will have no answer,
When you can define the life,that you completed individually like words,in a sentence,
KNOW that YOU have WON!
And i.e. SUCCESS and YOU have WON the game of LIFE
Means YOU have got SUCCESS – IN YOUR LIFE !